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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic Burnout

I'm nearly to the half-way point and I'm finding myself NOT wanting to knit....or wanting to knit something it just me???? The flame on my torch must have got wet or something.

Its been fun going through other blogs and seeing how people are doing...PLEASE PLEASE tell me your blogs because all I know to do is to go to the Yarn Harlots page that lists the participants and then go sporadically through the lists randomly picking blogs. I'm finding it more fun to encourage others than I am anything else.

Here's a photo of my project:
Mom, Why are you doing this to me????

Does anyone watch American Idol.....this is my first season watching! Simon said something I could finally agree with: The Twins "HISSY FITS".....the one dude is so on my nerves....I think I'm just going to call him Mr. WoaisAnyoneWhoCan'tAppreciateMyGrandeour , because he seems to think that if the world isn't bowing before him, than someone must be not appreciating his stunningness...and while they aren't at it, they better be appreciating his brother as well. I guess he's his brother's keeper.

For real culture, I watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show. That was impressive. I really liked the whippit (Eclipse Envy) and the Scottish greyhound (Margot).


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