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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Its a POPPY!!! I made this one yesterday and I'm so pleased with it. The pattern is all mine so that means I can sell these flowers (does this make me a flower child?) I am going to make a number of them in different colors and different fibers and then take them out to a few different boutiques (including my friends' bead/jewelry store). I live on the coast of Florida in a resort city. The boutiques here love these type items.
I know in these photos it can't be seen, however in the center of this flower is a large swarovski crystal and then on the outer edge of the cener are 3 mother of pearl beads crocheted onto each petal. (the flower uses both crochet and knitting)

Today I'm doing housework and then making more flowers. I'm also enrolling in school (hopefully, going to go and talk to a college counselor this afternoon). Its funny....because so is my teenage daughter.


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