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Friday, February 03, 2006

Wildflowers Cardigan!

Its finally here in its completed form! This is Wildflowers Cardigan. Its a design of mine which will be published in Heather Dixon's book coming out in September. I just have to knit up a couple more little button backs (see the little flower behind the button closure?) and put a few more vintage buttons on around the collar.

I started working on the yoga wrap in the new Vogue Winter 05/06. The pattern is really easy to memorize and effortless to knit. It was the perfect project for doing on the airplane. I'm doing it in this green from Nature spun (sport weight). It was something I grabbed out of my stash as I was packing before I went to be with my dad. Its not the softest yarn on earth, but its affordable and lends itself nicely to the design. I can't wait to see the piece blocked out.

and photo....I got my new yarn from Colourmart. Its a ruby red worsted cashmere (part of their soft twist offerings). Its gorgeous and yummy! I thought about making the clapotis out of it (I love that pattern), but haven't decided. I've got about 600 yards of it, so I'm open to suggestions.


At February 07, 2006 3:06 PM, Blogger Purl Needlemeyer said...

What an incredible project!


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