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Friday, February 10, 2006

I've made some progress on Vogue's yoga wrap (#16, Winter 2006) despite still not finding the magazine. This is a shot of it on my dress form (I highly recommend these things if you do a lot of garment knitting). I'm thinking that I want to pick up stitches on the arm hole and knit a cap sleeve rather than the long attached sleeves in the pattern. Anthropologie has a similar sweater done with cap sleeves that I could probably wear a lot more (given that I live in Florida - still deciding though). For now, this gets put aside because.....

KNITTING OLYMPICS ARE TODAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! All week long I've pet my yarn or squeezed it (think: old Charmin commercials).

This be her (one of 9). I am definitely doing the cable wrap. Last night I looked on line for any blogs or information I could glean for troubleshooting the pattern. I was alerted that I NEED to take a close look at those charts - and I'm so glad! I can't read them - they are not reader friendly - and I don't read charted cable patterns well (I prefer charts normally). So I'm doing the painful operation of handwriting out the directions line by line (that way I don't have to keep track of which chart I'm on, and the 3 different line counts that I would have to keep track of).

This last photo is of a shrug in the Holiday 03 Family Circle. Someday I want to make it.


At February 13, 2006 8:58 AM, Blogger Ann said...

You and I are chaneling each other! I want to knit the yoga wrap's on the list and I've got the yarn -- some of Judy at silk and wool. I also like the dress maker's dummy idea. You are a wealth of information, Jeanette! (in case you can't tell, I'm going through your blog and you'll get my comments in reverse order... ;) )


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