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Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitting on a shoestring

No knitting done today....not a stitch....unless I count the demonstration I had to do for someone with my shoestring......I ALWAYS have yarn....ALWAYS have a project when I'm out, but not this evening. Tonight at the karate dojo, a lady asked me if she is suppossed to count her first cast on stitch as 2 or 1. I count it as one and inquired more to figure out the source of her question. She has the cutest little cast on technique that I'm going to have to try to figure out. Its a long tail cast on (my favorite), but without a slip knot. She wanted to see how I do it with a slip knot, and after unsuccessfully trying to do it with my purse strap, I took out my shoe lace and that worked perfectly (I had needles in the bottom of my purse); however, after seeing her do her way, I am going to figure it out so that I can avoid that ugly knot.

Last night I finished one sleeve of my sweater and maybe later tonight I'll finish the other (just have from the elbow to the shoulder left).


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