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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is the start of a painting....its actually a different painting that was in a gallery, then I brought it home and decided to "tweak" it. Now it doesn't resemble the original painting in anyway. But I like it. Its how I'm needing to feel right now.

'D Bomb of a Knitting Bag
This bag is phenomenal! I just got it at TJMaxx and even thought its not colorful or unique....its a dual purse and knitting bag....finally! The knitting goes in this middle section that you would upon looking at the bag, think that it would only house a little makeup section, but that's the awesome place where I can get two sweater projects in there isolated away from any thing that could damage them. All my billfold, checkbook, lipsticks, pens, mints, cellphone, etcssss, all go in those two very slim side sections of the tote where, because they are so slim, its super easy to find what I need....and I never have to worry about frantically digging through the bag to find my cell phone and disturbing my knitting stuff accidently....its all by itself. At first I didn't like this bag, but now that I've had it a few days, I'm smitten. This is by far The Best Knitting Bag I've ever owned.
Anyone else got one they want to share?


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