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Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm loving what's coming from the Kasula - the colors are extraordinary and it has a lot of spring. The design is going to start getting exciting pretty soon. Click on the photo for a larger shot.

....and did I not tell you she was orchids!!! This one is a very different technique from what I usually do. Normally I pour paint onto the canvas (laying on the ground) and create my images from the resulting colors/mess. This time, I did pour....but I've done alot of work atop the pour with a cake spatula (what should we call this technique....actually, its already done by many artists, but most of them use art spatulas). Its a neat effect to see in person....I'm curious about opinions. What do you think - good or bad (its okay to not like abstract work btw; I'm married to a man that much prefers my realism, but I'm having too much fun with abstracts right now).


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