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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Felted Backpack

Here she is in all her felted-not-so-glory. I felted and felted this thing 5 times in the washer. The top part of the bag (the darker color) felted easily, while the base (lt. teal) wouldn't budge. From reading on felting, I think that I may have knit the bag on too small of needles. I used a size 11 with a double strand of montera (heavy worsted)....and I keep reading something about the yarn needing room to felt. I'm not sure of the science behind that. Regardless, I threw it in the washer one last time for a 15 minute agitation on hot water with all of my puppy toys (I had no idea her little gray rabbit was really baby blue!). The top felted quite a bit more so and the bottom did a little moreso. I have the bag stuffed with towels for now while it dries. I don't think the base is going to get as stiff as I want it to, but overall, I'm pleased.

The entire bag is going to be embellished with colorful crocheted flowers. Stitch Diva
The first is just thrown on there now. In fact, over the next few days, that is probably what I will be working in since I seem to have fallen into a knitting slump.
I actually don't feel like knitting at all (this never happens). Probably need to be knitting my husband and I back together. yeah, the marital trouble stuff that isn't so fun to deal with. Its either knit or frog at this point - and he didn't like the idea so much i presented him with this morning of finding a counselor. heart is a little broken.

and finally, my leg cast is off as of monday! (from the october 3rd motorcycle crash).


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