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Monday, July 03, 2006

What am I doing?

You must look at this absolutely mind boggling correction on the Hyrna Herborgar that Yarn Harlot recently reported on! Yarn Harlot Where have I been??? I didn't know you could do that. Next mistate, I'm not frogging (yeah, right, never in a million years would I try that lace correction....I'll start over again with 8006.)

I NEED to be working on my sweater for Vickie Howell. I did about an hour and a half this morning, but I'm way behind schedule and I promised it for June. I'm guessing I have about 6-8 more crocheting hours on this project. Then I need to finalize the pattern and make size adjustments (that process takes me a few days).

I also need to finish up a beautiful linen washclothe for the knit dischclothe exchange group. (worked diligently on that for a few hours last night.
Snowdrop Faceclothe and Gems Merino Opal Yarn

Despite linen being harder on the hands that cashmere, it is still my favorite yarn....yet, my linen love will be challenged soon by hemp. I have less than 24 hours to decide what color I want from Elann's new hemp collection. Tomorrow, July 4th, at EXACTLY 9:00Pacific Standard Time, it will be released. (that link will only work today, cuz the link is for the sneak preview page). I can't decide between the colors: warm sand, scallop shell, bittersweet, and/or green tea. The problem is that I don't need more yarn. Why? Because I participated in a coop order of hemp/wool blend that I should be getting the shipping quote on anyday now; I also recently (like Wednesday last week) ordered linen from's sale. The linen's are Oriental Grass (the salmon & cream) and cedarwood.(I know, shameless yarn porn!)(btw: this came in today's mail....that's some fast shipping she does! She's definitely getting repeat business from me.) Plus, I already have two other colors of Euroflax linen in my stash (the stash that I have acquired 2006, not 2005 - I forget what's in that one.). Regardless, like an addict who needs a major fix, I'm ordering the hemp from Elann tomorrow. don't tell my husband.

And Hyrna. Poor neglected thing. The project which I most want to be doing, but has the least ranking in the current projects. Well, that's not entirely truthful: I did buy some Euroflax Gems Opal in an incredible aqua color on Saturday from my local LYS (we gotta support them if we want to prevent knitting from going down a path to obscurity....its for the preservation of our very society that I bought it!). So since the Gems Opal hasn't been started, it technically has a much lower ranking than Hyrna (although there is nothing sweeter than new yarn!)(....okay, except chocolate.).(let me clarify the chocolate: DARK chocalte. really dark. like Godiva chocolates. mmmmm! I think I need some of those, too!).


At July 04, 2006 4:50 PM, Blogger betzig said...

Yeah, I know all about that--I bought my hemp yarn from Elann at about 9:02am (PST). I think we belong to the same coop because I'm waiting on my hemp/cotton yarn. My hubby looked annoyed for the first time ever when I told him I bought more yarn this morning. Might be because I expressed some interest in attending Stitches East just last night, and cutting back on my yarn purchases to help offset the cost because it won't be cheap...

Can't wait to see what you are crocheting! Good luck getting everything done.

At July 07, 2006 5:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen the's so beautiful, isn't it?? Alas, I'm on a *&!@% yarn diet, so I can't buy any right now. *sob* But I can't wait to see what you get!


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