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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge No. 3

In Shakesperean Chant (rant)

Hyrna Herborgar

Mijda, oh Mijda
What name go thee by in the vernacular of the king?
If, not in knowing,
I wouldeth some way to slight thee,
what then would thoust vegeance bring?
Hyrna, the Herborgar, is fair and of a beauty I wishest for,
and your righteous scorn I surely hopeth not
fall upon her innocence.
It is I, sole and alone,
yet please not in choosing,
who holds the needles in guilt.
I begeth thee to look with mercy
upon my humbled fingers
and impart the wisdom thou doth solely possess to my frail mind.
My needle awaiteth your words.
(pause. longeth.)

Ho! What yonder in the distance comes to my side?
"Mijda! Reveal yourself!," I implore.
As she removes her golden cloak,an Icelandic finery,
I see her displeasured face.
She looketh upon my foolishness contemptiously,
her needle she raiseth and poketh me in my idiot eye.
"I am Mijda, and Hyrna I will not surrender to thee until thoust has answered my name's riddle.
Yet since thoust possesseth the brain of an impervious slug
and thine countanence is painful to endure,
I will telleth thee outright.
This chaos you knit is not worthy even for dishrags.
In thoust 8003 attempts before,
why thee waste me in the row's endeth,
yet continue in same manner to 8004?
Somehow wilt these knots magically transform?
Doth thou really seeth not thine own problem which lies open for all
and thus belies the extent of disease which resides between thy ears?
Remove me from her and expect not her beauty,
For I am her essence,
Thoust cannot have her without me.
I am neither at her head nor her feet, but in her heart.
No, wee knitter, place me not in her rows at the beginning or endeth;
I am Mijda, and my name quite obviously defined means middle,
and that, whacketh thee head, is the answer to my riddle.

Official Details: Hyrna Herborgar is a lace shawl from "Three Cornered and Long Shawls" (Schoolhouse press) and my second entry in the summmer Amazing Lace KAL. I have been fruitlessly trying to knit her, despite the book being primarily in Norwegian with pathetic English translations. I am following a chart, which symbols are adequately defined, except for a few Norwegian Mijda. This morning, suddenly, it hit me, why I have not been able to get even up to Row 8, without having to start over again. I seriously stopped counting how many times I've been trying to start this shawl. Tonight's attempt should work much better.


At June 21, 2006 5:17 PM, Blogger Pat K said...


Now goeth I to creepeth off and rippeth up everything I have writteneth so far.

Great job!

At June 27, 2006 4:03 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I love that shawl. It's named after my future mother-in-law (her name is Herborg). Well, not her specifically, but a girl with the same name. Some of the shawls have history about the designers, but not this one.

BTW it's Icelandic, not Norwegian. And if you get stuck on any of the other Icelandic words, send me an email.

At June 28, 2006 7:28 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

How very beautiful-eth!

At December 23, 2006 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just stumbled over your post when looking a bit for information about this shawl on the internet. Not sure how far you have advanced with this project as I'm not going to research this further on your blog, but I have come across this website where some helpful comments are given about the shawl, such as "midja" meaning center.


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