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Monday, May 29, 2006

To cure shingles: P5tog dropping all extra loops

The shingles have me down for the count and it looked like they were winning when I found that I couldn't even follow a very basic stitch pattern.

But AH HA! If this is a game, I just scored a point. I took on a much harder lace stitch and am making it into a tank top (same shape as the unnamed pink one below), which meant that I had to do increases in the lace stitch as well.....this is one of those drop extra loops and purl 5 together jobbers. I'm gettin' her done! The focus helps distract me from the pain and itch. I don't want to take the darvaset more than once a day.

Now I know the thing looks like a puking of color, but in person, its not so bad. It would be worn with a solid color (like bright blue or bright pink) tank underneath, and the lower bodice will be done in something much more airy so you'll see more of that color. I'm pleased so far.

The coffee is wonderful this morning. I can taste it!


At May 30, 2006 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's me Cheryl just dropping in to see what you have been up to oh my I hope your feeling better soon. I love your work so much I have you blog saved...You really need to let me know when I can purchase these patterns of yours..I will be your biggest buyer!!!! Please get better soon...I will be sending you some Tea so be on the look out for it...Hugs to get better soon...Cheryl


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