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Saturday, May 27, 2006

No Ideas

I've just finished this little mesh tank out of Blue Sky cotton - very soft cotton - and I am so uncreative this morning as far as names. Please give suggestions if you got one.

I got something. You know all these surgeries and broken bones I've been enduring over the last six weeks with my family? I'm now the recipient of a stress related outbreak of shingles. It is painful. Cry.

The exhibit reception I had to go to last night was almost as painful. I hate these things because I'm so shy - I am mentally unable to mingle. They made me put on a name tag so people would be able to identify me (but what if I prefer obscurity and anonominity, or however its spelled?). It was a reception for a professional group of Plein Aire artists - so I wasn't the only artist there. There were like 8 of us. Anyway, about 45 minutes after I got there, I snuck out the side door and never returned. I went to a coffee shop, got a chai, and knit (the little mesh tank above).

Life. Ain't it fun? I don't like the shingles.


At May 29, 2006 11:20 AM, Blogger cathych said...

wow, that is beautiful. I am trying to do some blog visiting today!


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