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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm going to the hospital...

and this is what I'm taking. I still need to wind another hank of the Euroflax (I like working with linen, I like working with linen,....keep repeating that to yourself. NOTE: I have a tendecy to keep gripping the linen which is making the work tighter, then I remind myself to soften up, which takes it back, so there are some inconsistencies in width. /does anyone know if it will even out when I wash it? Or am I working way too tightly and need desperately to switch up a hook size - using a c. ?

Dave (husband) is having heart cathorization and angioplasty so I will be there all day it seems. His doctor thinks he will be fine and that this is being done as a positive proactive procedure (all the men in his family have had their first heart attacks in their 40's and died by 60's. Dave is 49. He hasn't had a heart attack, yet, but part of me is afraid that what if he has one on the table (his dad died during an operation to fix something going wrong in his heart....but he had also had heart disease for over 10 years and had had many major heart attacks).

All will be well. I'll be crocheting with my linen (rope/twine) which I DO love the lace its producing. And possibly starting a design for a lacy wrap sweater with the cashmere.

(I know I'm suppossed to be on a yarn diet....but you know how diets go. Don't you scold me!)


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