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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Have no fear, Flubber is here!

Flubber with my new project
Finishing up that Grecian Tank for Cricket and the garment for Vickie Howell yesterday left me with nothing to do - and that feeling persisted all day. I wanted to start a new project, but then I couldn't decide on which yarn (you don't want to see my stash - its bad.) or what I wanted to make. Its like a black hole in knitting - that place right after you finish long projects (i had done 2 Grecian tanks back to back, and two of the garments for Vickie Howell)(today I'm working on writing out the instructions for the Howell project....and its not fun. I much prefer working. Even though I meticulously write out what I'm doing as I'm doing it, it still looks like garble when it comes to typing it out so others can understand it.......
which is why I'm offering the Grecian Tank pattern. I need feedback on readability. ASAP. (just email me or leave me a note with a way I can email you the pattern).

So after floundering in the black hole, late last night I FINALLY made a choice to just start sketching, and next thing I knew, I had a hank of Euroflax linen on my swift. So if you can see in the picture with flubber what I'm doing], its going to be pretty.

This is my first experience with the linen, and after reading all the reports about it, I'm not having the difficulty everyone described (maybe because I was mentally prepared for the absolutely worst knitting experience ever).

btw: yes, you're right, that's not knitting needles flubber is holding (and that's not a dress for him, either) - its the world's best crochet hook (along with the beginnings of the lace insert stitch for the tank) - and I have NO IDEA what this hook is or how to get more. Please if you know the manufacturer, let me know. I remember that it is European, that's it (because even at my age, the dementia is getting quite out of hand.)
Gates At Destiny
And I did go paint yesterday....and finished it.


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