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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bugs and bodices

YEAH!!! Yesterday I snail mailed "the" very important item with its instructions to Vickie Howell - for "The" book of 2007, "Catwalk Crochet." Relief is the word....that was a long project to write out. I had my mom proofread the pattern for me since she is an award winning crochet artist (she wins the state fair every year with her delicately crocheted Christening gowns.). She said the pattern looked no complaints when the book comes out. There IS NO errata. If you find some, then go to rule no. one in life, "Mom is never wrong."

I've made tons of progress this weekend on my linen tunic. Crocheted Linen (the yellow in the center is the handle on the top of the toolbox I have the white linen sittin on....cuz I think that I can bring white linen into my studio without getting paint on it.....and my husband thinks I'm a pessimist....Pleaze!). (please dear God, don't let me get paint on it. I admit I'm a fool.). Its gone through a couple of design changes. I decided that the back is not going to be open. I don't think that the linen would support itself, especially once its washed. So instead, it will have a laced tie up the front starting from either the top, or just under the breast pieces. Haven't decided yet. I'm nearly done with the skirt part and have only used one hand of the Euroflax linen and just started into my second. I'm predicting this will be a two hank project.

Also went a-paintin' last night in the woods of Niceville, Fl. The bugs were not fun. I normally paint in the morning, but yesterday am it was raining. I brought it home and for once my husband says, "I like it." (he doesn't like my more abstract funkier pieces - but lately I've been feeling the need for landscapes....must be something pyschological.). Problem is, its not done. I think I need to define the front trees some more (that means "tweak" and usually entails ruining the entire piece.)

Oaks in Niceville, Fl


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