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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Art students and sunburns.

Its been a whirlwind week. While at the hospital with my husband, I got very little done - I was just too unsettled to focus. However, I am still making progress on my linen sweater design. I'll show photos soon.

Tonight, I just had to show the photos of my students. The older group did interpretations of one of my most recent landscapes (like 6:00 this morning I was doing it.) They are really doing well! You can see in the middle of the photo (if you click on it, it will come larger) my Sunflower Field painting (its the large painting.
Sunflower Field Studies

The younger group has requested to do some animal we did a rabbit last night in pastel. Little Rabbits

and now its my turn to be sick (first Dominic breaks his arm, then my husband and his heart, and I get sunburned). Sunburned - no big deal, right? Well my ears blisted and now they feel inside like I have ear infections. I keep losing my balance....and last night as the 5 year old class was getting ready to start....I went out like a light. It was scary. But about 20 minutes later, my strength started returning, and we still had a good class. I'm wondering if maybe I'm not handling stress well and this is my body's way of trying to tell me something. I'll see my doc on monday and hopefully get some answers about all this weakness and dizziness. I didn't think a sunburn could cause this.


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