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Friday, September 08, 2006

a new endeavor

I've decided that I am going to take all these patterns that I write and over the next season, write a book. My vision is that it will somehow cover the beauty of the art of knitting. I'm tired of feeling teensy bits of shame when I'm out in public knitting - like it means that I must be a boring or withdrawn person (um....except that I am more than slightly boring and withdrawn lol!). Maybe writing out my thoughts on why I knit might help me to be able to explain to others about its draw. Knitting is beautiful and it perplexes me still how as I watch each stitch come off of needles that somehow those stitches combine into something incredible that I could never purchase (I'm talking about a lot more than just a sweater or pair of socks....its that inner sense of accomplishment and achievement.).

So here's to life, art and a new book.

Pictured here is my newest sweater pattern. knit from the top down in a pretty chevron pattern. The yarn is Euroflax's Opal.

Don't forget to keep up with me on my art page listed in the sidebar Art in the Open Air.


At September 08, 2006 9:05 AM, Anonymous Cindy Chapman said...

Jeanette, writing a book is a great idea. You are so talented, I for one will buy it!

Good luck!


At October 17, 2006 12:08 AM, Anonymous Vicki said...

This is my first look at your blog---what talent! I'd love to see a book with your designs in it. This top-down aqua sweater is a beauty! I'd like to buy the pattern. Thanks, Vicki


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