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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

just the update. it may be a little bit before i post the sweater pattern.

mom: rough day. i had my first crash on the new bike...ran into the side of my car (oh, lovely). the car is dented on two doors (not horrid, but enough), and the bike, though not even a scratch, wouldn't start (please someone tell me i didn't do something to the engine). my next door neighbor and her daughter helped me get the bike up and then the daughter volunteered to go to the store to get us some cokes. as she pulled from the neighborhood, she was struck by a high speed car that she didn't see approaching. the force caused her car to roll (we're not sure how many times). we could hear the impact from my driveway and we knew it was her. her lower back is broken.

very rough day. good night all.

UpDATE TO THE CONDITION: I spoke witht the family thursday night. Her back is not fractured according to the radiologist but has a contusion on it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Sweater....again.

New Sweater

The pattern will be soon coming. Its done in Rowen's Tapestry yarn - a wool and soy blend on size 7 needles. For the size xsmall it took just barely over 3 skeins of yarn. This yarn was a pleasure to knit with. I loved its striping patterns, and that anywhere I needed to break the yarn (like to control the colors), I could spit splice easily.

Monday, August 14, 2006

new design coming along

she's going to be a halter top. This is the back. It will be lined in something satiny when the front is done. It will also have straps. The front will have the same lace patterns and the top front will have the cupy whatevers at the top with maybe its own shelf bra (crossing fingers that I can pull it off....I think I can under the drapey stuff pretty easily).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Can't Get Anymore Behind

Waves of GrainI started knitting a lace sweater pattern from an old Sandra about 1/2 way up the backside and decided that I wasn't enjoying the knit. So I frogged it. Now I'm working on Waves of Grain from an old summer Vogue (see photo). I obvously haven't gotten very far.

I did finish the little summer tankini top from July 15 (when I was knitting on the lazy river at the water park/July 15th entry.) Way cute on! I did it in the cotton/elastic yarn from Elann and while I find the elastic obnoxious to knit with, I love the feel of the finished garment.

Hyrna may be headed for the frogpond as well. I don't have the mental energy to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you those who have left encouragement. I keep promising myself that I'll have time to thank you all properly....and then the next thing I know, I'm late again.

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