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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 28, 2005

I'm in Manhattan Kansas right now visiting my oldest daughter and my first grand daughter. Pictures will have to wait until I get home (all the software to upload photos from my camera is at home).
There's a wonderful yarn store here called Wildflowers that I've been visiting. Its owned by a knitting designer (will have to look her name up later). I had quite fun when I went in there on Saturday. I picked up yarn for a sweater project to do up here: Adriane Vittadini's Nadia in gray; a heavy worsted very plushy alpaca in a soft pinky/coral; Noro's blossom in a pink/lt brown/teal; and montera (soft llama: my favorite yarn of all time) in a deep charcoal (combining these with some that I brought from home). The sweater is nearly finished (yeah....i'm a fast knitter, either that or i'm obsessed). I have knit the front and back and am half way up both sleeves. When I'm finished with those, I'll seam the sleeves onto the sweater body and then pick up stitches for the neckline. Pictures to follow. There's lots of visual texture in this sweater both from the color changes of the yarns (I love combining different yarns, especially when they are this luxurious)and the ebb and flow of the stitch pattern. I'm doing a variation of a pattern 497 in Gedifra's pattern book no. 32.


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