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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Free Patterns: Charity's scarf, + 2 scarves

(I found my camera yesterday while was hiding under a bag of yarn).

The first scarf is for Angela. It was done lengthwise, in a seed stitch (not for looks, but to keep it flat). Around what I perceived the middle (lengthwise), on one end - about 6 stitches in, I made a keyhole (large buttonhole) opening by binding off nine stitches, then completing the row, next row, work in seed up to bound off area; turn work; provisionally cast on 9 stitches; turn work, and complete previous row; turn, resume seed stitch working cast on stitches into pattern. Make sure that your initial cast on row and your final bound off row are done on larger needles so that they do not pull on the work.

The second scarf is for Beverly. It is done in Moda Dea's Eden (very soft yarn). Its a simple open lace stitch (k1, yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, complete row in pattern)(next row: ssk, k2 tog, yo, k1, yo, complete row in pattern). The first 3 inches and the last 3 inches of the scarf are done in garter stitch with a keyhole opening on one side: (when desired length in pattern is complete, change to garter stitch, work one knit row. next row: knit 1/2 the stitches, placing second half on stitch holder. work approximately 2 inches in garter on one side. break yarn. transfer to stitch holder. place held stitches on needle, reattaching yarn, work same number of rows as first side. transfer held stitches back onto needle and work 3 more knit rows. bind off.
for fringe: make 5-6 inch long pieces by wrapping around an index card crosswise (the short side). cut on one side. you'll need a good size pile of pieces. take two pieces and attach to scarf on the lengthwise side using a crochet hook. Attach 2 pieces every 1/2 inch down the length of the scarf. Using a straight edge, cut attached pieces to approximately 2 1/4 inch (to neaten edge).

The third scarf is for my special friend Charity, who is teaching me to turn to God in the insanity of my life right now, and has given me through her counsel, a strong sense of direction so that i can navigate through all of the turns in life without getting off her scarf had to be special.

Charity's Scarf
materials: size 7 needles, size 7 short dpn's (for icord and cabling); one skein Nature Wool (Aracunia - or however its spelled) in the cream color.

Make 8 3-stitch I cords, 20 inches long each, using a waste-yarn cast on. At end, break yarn, but do not bind off - just hold on stitch holder.

Thread 4 of the I-cords onto size 7 needles in the following manner: Thread 3 stitches at top of first I cord onto needle, grab the other end of the eye cord - carefully pull out waste yarn and transfer the 3 stitches onto the needle behind the first 3. Put 3 more I cords onto the needle in same manner. 24 stitches total.
Attach yarn.
(Set up for cable pattern)
Row 1: In front of first stitch, provisionally cast on 1 stitch. Knit across all stitches to the end. Turn.
Row 2: Provisonally cast on 1 stitch. K1, {P5, pf/b} 3 times; p6, k1. 29 stitches total.
Row 3: Kf/b of first stitch, yo; {k5,kf/b,pf/b} 3 times; k6,yo, kf/b. 39 stitches total.
Row 4: {k3, p6} 4 times; end k3.

Cable pattern:
Row 1: ssk, yo, p1; {place 3 stitches on cable needle or short dpn, hold in front, knit 3 stitches on right hand needle, then knit 3 stitches on dpn; P3}3 times; end place 3 stitches on cable needle or short dpn, hold in front, knit 3 stitches on right hand needle, then knit 3 stitches on dpn; p1, yo, k2tog.
Row 2: {k3, p6} 4 times; end k3
Row 3: ssk, yo, p1; {k6, p3) 3 times; end p1, yo, k2tog
Row 4: {k3, p6} 4 times; end k3
Row 5: same as row 3
Row 6: same as row 4
Row 7: same as row 3
Row 8: same as row 4

(repeat rows 1 to 8 Eight more times);
then do row 1 through 4
Knit one row.
Place all stitches on holder.

Repeat entire set up section and cable section with 4 remaining i cords.

Join two scarf sections in middle using Kitchener stitch.
to block: steam gently.
Sew in all loose ends. Knot eye cords at each end of scarf to form 4 overhand knots across.


At December 24, 2005 6:30 AM, Blogger Kim said...

I LOVE that last scarf for your friend Charity! I still have some scarves to make as gifts (people I won't see until after the holidays) and something like this would be perfect! How long did it take and how much of the nature wool did you use?

At December 25, 2005 2:13 PM, Blogger Jeanette said...

I used one full skein of the nature wool with just a little bit left - so don't go over the number of cables or you won't have enough for the other side (unless you get a second skein). The scarf knit up super fast (I cords can go really fast and give the scarf quick length). I knit it start to finish in a day and a half.

(Thanks for leaving a're my first one! Its good to know that someone is out there.)


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